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All published volumes are carefully edited, comprehensively indexed and include introductions explaining the background to the documents they present. They are attractively produced and uniformly bound in soft covers.

The majority of past volumes are available for purchase through the Berkshire Record Society, c/o Berkshire Record Office, 9 Coley Avenue, Reading, Berkshire RG1 6AF. Members may purchase back numbers at the normal members' rate. Non-members may purchase individual volumes (subject to availability) at £25.00 each. Postage and Packing within the UK is £2.50. Volume 1 is no longer available.

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Published in November 2013 were volumes 19 and 20, an edition of some early churchwarden’s accounts of the parish of St Laurence, Reading. This is a very valuable archive since very few such records have survived. These accounts begin with the flowering of late medieval parochial life, span the years of Reformation and Counter-Reformation upheavals and extend into the making of the early Elizabethan settlement. This edition includes most of the first volume of the accounts up to 1570, the period of most interest to historians of the period and general readers alike though the accounts continue into the seventeenth century.

The entries are very full. Before the 1540s they deal with a very wide range of subjects from repairs to the church fabric and furniture, providing all the necessities for celebrating the liturgy to details of wages paid to workers. There are fascinating entries recording parish entertainments, plays and feasts. How the parish coped with the legislation resulting from the religious changes from the mid 1530s to the mid 1560s is recorded in the accounts - sales of forbidden objects and texts, purchases of new books – and the inevitable financial problems and personal dilemmas. Not surprisingly the text runs to over 300 pages.

Included in the volume of accounts were three sets of inventories from the early sixteenth century, lists of vestments, books and church goods used to celebrate the Mass and other traditional Catholic rituals. These are included in this edition. There is also a very full introduction making the volume more meaningful for the non-specialist reader, together with a glossary and appendices with biographical information about some significant parishioners and townspeople.

Schedule of Volumes

General Series

Volume Publication Year Title Subscription Year
1 1994

Correspondence of the Foundling Hospital Inspectors in Berkshire, 1757-1768

Volume 1 1994
2 1995

Berkshire Glebe Terriers, 1634

Volume 2 1995
3 1997

Berkshire Overseers' Papers, 1654-1834

Volume 3 1996
4 1999

Berkshire Probate Accounts, 1583-1712

Volume 4 1997
5 2000

Enclosure in Berkshire, 1485-1885

Volume 5 1998
6 2002

Reading Gild Accounts, 1357-1516 (Part I)

Volume 6 1999
7 2002

Reading Gild Accounts, 1357-1516 (Part II)

Volume 7 2000
8 2004

Newbury Kendrick Workhouse Records, 1627-1641

Volume 8 2001
9 2005

Berkshire Nonconformist Meeting House Registrations, 1689-1852 (Part I)

Volume 9 2002
10 2005

Berkshire Nonconformist Meeting House Registrations, 1689-1852 (Part II)

Volume 10 2003
11 2008

Thames Navigation Commission Minutes, 1771-1790 (Part I)

Volume 11 2004
12 2008

Thames Navigation Commission Minutes, 1771-1790 (Part II)

Volume 12 2005
13 2008

The Diocese Books of Samuel Wilberforce

Volume 13 2006
14 2010

Berkshire Religious Census 1851

Volume 14 2007
15 2011

Berkshire Probate Index, 1480-1652 (Part I: Personal Names)

Volume 15 2008
16 2011

Berkshire Probate Index, 1480-1652 (Part II: Place Names)

Volume 16 2009
17 2011

Berkshire Probate Index, 1480-1652 (Part III: Occupations)

Volume 17
18 2012

Diaries and Correspondence of Robert Lee of Binfield 1736-1744

Volume 18 2010
19 2013

Reading St Laurence Churchwardens’ Accounts, 1498-1570 (Part I)

Volume 19 2011
20 2013

Reading St Laurence Churchwardens’ Accounts, 1498-1570 (Part II)

Volume 20 2012
21 2015

The Church Inspection Notebook of Archdeacon James Randall 1855-1873 and other records

Volume 21 2013
22 Fourth Quarter 2016

Andover, Newbury & Chilton Pond Turnpike: Minutes and Accounts, 1766-1791

23 Fourth Quarter 2016

Berkshire Feet of Fines, 1307-1509


Special Volumes

1998 2012
Atlas Cover Atlas Cover
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