The Berkshire Record Society

Registered Charity No: 1027976

President: Mr James Puxley, Lord-Lieutenant of Berkshire

Chairman: Professor Ralph Houlbrooke

General Editor: Dr Peter Durrant

Volume 2 Cover

Berkshire Glebe Terriers, 1634

Edited by Ian Mortimer

Published by Berkshire Record Society in 1995

ISBN: 0 9524946 1 2

Glebe terriers are descriptions of the property of a benefice. They include information about the parsonage, the glebe land (land belonging to the benefice) and tithes, and are an invaluable source for the study of farming, for determining the extent of open-field and enclosed land, and for place names. Berkshire’s fine collection of terriers provides a comprehensive picture of the agriculture and landscape of the county in the early seventeenth century.


Acknowledgements iv
General Introduction v
Table of Illustrations vi
Foreword vii
Map of the Parishes of Berkshire viii
The origin of the glebe terrier ix
The metropolitan visitation xi
The making of the terriers xiii
The contents of the terriers xv
Provenance and physical description xxvi
Editorial conventions xxvii
List of abbreviations xviii
Appendix 213
Index 227